Friday, September 10, 2010

stolog5 Old Shows are still around and Fighting the Environmental Issues

I found an article about Captain Planet at and thought wow I remember this show from when I was little. Seeing this character from my childhood got me into writing a blog about Captain Planet.

This article talks about celebrating the 20th birthday of Captain Planet. For those of you who have never seen Captain Planet check out this video to get a feel about this TV show

This article says that the Captain Planet Foundation," an organization dedicaed to educating youth about the environment, has declared September 15,2010 "National Captain Plant Day."' This event will be celebrated in Atlanta. Ted Turner who created the series and also happens to be one of the top 5 green billionaries will be there. At the Altanta City Hall on September 7th Councilman Kwanza Hall made Captain Planet the first ever proclamatoin to an eco-superhero. Not only did Captain Planet get that he also got award from the city's mayor and the governor of Georgia.It then goes on the say how people who are determined to help the earth have created a website Finally at the end of the article it says to go to Captain Planet @ 20 to volunteer because they need all the "Planeteers" they can get.

The reason why Captain Planet is related to the Environment is because in each epidose the "Planeteers" and Captain Planet fight evil villians who are destroying the Earth. Then at the end of the show they give an example on how you can help the environment and how only you can help kept the planet clean. The example at the end always referes to the story that you just watched.

This video shows one of the examples on how you can help the environment.

I think that this is awesome!!!! Giving an award and recognizing a superhero that helps the environment is great. I think that this will help to promote the show, possible getting more air time, and encourage people to keep the planet green, especially with all this talk of global warming. I think that Captain Planet should be shown more often, ot keeps the kids interested and also gives good advice on how to care for the planet

I love Captain Planet <3


  1. Great start to the blogging project! Love the media incorporation!

  2. I love the idea of a kids show talking about environmental issues. If kids get into it then they will get their parents in to it too. Hopefully when kids watch the show go along with it and they will grow up continuing to help the environment.

  3. I also love this idea for a show. Hopefully people do learn from this,the only thing this show can do is help it can't do any harm like shows that show killings, and theft. It only gives people ideas to help the environment not to destroy it. :)